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Head GameMaster
Head GameMaster
Donation Information! 1147991p10lv8008w
Donation Information!

If you are considering whether or not you want to donate to ExodusMaple, you are in the right place. Please read all the rules before you donate, and please follow all the instructions carefully. Thank you for the kindness!
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This is the information you need to know before you donate. Please refer to Donation Rewards! & Donation Format! for more information.

Rules & Considerations :
• Understand that rewards are given out of gratitude for your donation. You are not paying for in-game benefits.
• We are allowed to refuse donations with or without a reason, however, you are not allowed to refund your donation for any reason.
• Know that if you abuse your rewards, we have to right to correct the issue you created any way we need to.
• Every donation must be in USD.
• Donation packages do not stack.

Instructions :
1. Read Donation Information!, Donation Rewards!, and Donation Format!
2. Click the Charizard donation button below.
3. Enter the desired amount you want to donate.
4. Follow the steps through Paypal, whether you are signing up or logging in to your account.
5. Return to the forums.
6. Copy & paste the boxed section in Donation Format.
7. Create a topic under Donations, and fill out the information.
8. Post your topic, and wait for a staff member to review it & reply.

Donation Information! 1147991p10lv8008w

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