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Head GameMaster
Head GameMaster
Donation Rewards! 1147991p10lv8008w
Donation Rewards!

If you are considering whether or not you want to donate to ExodusMaple, you are in the right place. To donate and receive your rewards, you must fill out the donation format provided and pick a donation package here. Enjoy!
Donation Rewards! 14dopq9Donation Rewards! 2cgepevDonation Rewards! 14dopq9

This is the list for donation rewards. Please refer to Donation Information! & Donation Format! for more information.

$1 USD is equivalent to 1 Donation Point.
With every $10 USD, you gain an extra 2 Donation Points.

Reward Package One :
Donation Amount: $10.
• 12 Donation Points.
• One custom chair.

Reward Package Two :
Donation Amount: $20.
• 24 Donation Points.
• Two custom chairs.
• Donor status on forums. (Meaning: Only donor usergroup.)

Reward Package Three :
Donation Amount: $50.
• 60 Donation Points.
• Three custom chairs.
• Donor status on forums & in-game.

Reward Package Four :
Donation Amount: $100.
• 120 Donation Points.
• Five custom chairs.
• Trial as Intern.

Reward Package Five :
Donation Amount: $150.
• 180 Donation Points.
• Seven custom chairs.
• Trial as GameMaster.

Additional Information :
With having Donor status in-game, you will get perks such as..
• Yellow text chat in-game.
• A Donor usergroup.
• A pink username.
List of Donor Commands In-Game:
Donation Rewards! 1147991p10lv8008w

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