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1 [Moderator] Application Information on October 12th 2013, 10:28 pm




- Assist Players on XAT / Forums
- Moderate XAT / Forums
- Moderator Usergroup / Sparkly Light-Blue Username


You must meet these requirements before applying.

- Fluent with English
- Familiar with the server's aspects.
- Must have knowledge of common errors and fixes.
- Must be familiar with forumotion and it's features/functions.
- You must be experienced with MapleStory private servers.
- At least 10 non-spam posts.
- You must be age 13 or older.
- You need a Skype account.
- You need a XAT account.


Active hours (EST):

What is the role of a Moderator?

Why do you want to be a Moderator?

Why should we pick you?

Extra Information (optional):


Copy the format above, fill it out, and then post your application here.

Note: Your application will be denied if you fail to follow the format, fail to meet the requirements, or fail to put application in correct place.

As a Moderator, you are willing to assist the staff in moderating the forums and XAT chat box. You are expected to rid the chat box of trolls, spammers, advertisers, and unwanted visitors. Failure to carry out these tasks will result in a demotion. You may be asked by players or new-comers for assistance in something in game or a technical error. You are expected to assist these players with will, respect, and in a professional manner. If found to not meet these standards, you will be demoted. Post an application ONLY if you think you're qualified for this position.

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