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1 In-Game Rules on June 11th 2014, 6:34 am



Welcome to Exodus!
The staff wishes to keep our community fair and pleasant. Therefore, we kindly ask you to acknowledge that the following is prohibited:

  • Hacking
  • Cheating
  • Harassment
  • Bug & Glitch Abuse
  • Public Disturbance
  • False Voting
  • Staff Impersonation

If you choose to disobey the server rules, you may face the consequence(s) of:

  • Warnings
  • Jail
  • Mute
  • Limitation
  • Temporary Suspension
  • Permanent Suspension
  • Account Wipe

Detailed Description of Violations.:

Behaviour & Common Courtesy

You are expected to treat everyone with respect. Do not directly or indirectly discriminate or speak against any other players and/or staff members based on race, religion, sexual orientation, age or anything else that may be offensive. For example: name-calling, trolling, flaming, any form of verbal offence. This is a bully-free environment.

There will be two verbal warnings. Afterwards, the offender will be jailed for thirty minutes. If the behaviour continues, the player may be banned indefinitely, depending on a staff member's decision.

Abusing The Vote System

Each person may vote once every 24 hours. If you gain more than the allowed amount of Vote Points and Nexon Cash, you are vote abusing. You are not allowed to use a different IP, proxy or any other third party program to receive extra Vote Points.

The offender will be IP banned instantly. No exceptions.


The usage of any tools or third party software is not tolerated. Being in a party with a hacker, using the hacks yourself, and giving you or other players an unfair advantage is not allowed.
The offender will be IP banned instantly. No exceptions.


Pretty self-explanatory really, do not advertise another MapleStory Private Server, any type of business, or any hacking website.

The player will be given two warnings. If the offender continues advertising, he or she will be jailed for thirty minutes. If the behaviour continues, he or she will be disconnected and then temporarily banned. Eventually, if necessary, they will be IP banned.


Continuously spamming text is prohibited. (To all chat, megaphones, etc.)

There will be two verbal warning. If the offender continues spamming, he or she will be muted for an hour. If this does not stop the offence, he or she will be temporarily banned.

Glitch & Bug Abuse

When you discover a glitch, report it to a staff member immediately. You can contact a staff member in-game by using @callgm [Message], on the forums, or on our Xat chat. There is no reason for you to test the glitch or tell other people about it. Map crashing is also considered abusing.

There will be one verbal warning. After, the offender will be jailed for a duration of two hours. If he or she does not stop abusing the glitch or bug, he or she will be temporarily banned.

Impersonating Staff Members

Making up lies about being a staff member is not allowed. Do not ever say that you are a part of the staff team when you are not. Claiming you can punish another user is considered impersonation. Use the report functions if you see someone breaking the rules. Note: You are, of course, allowed to help other players.

There will be one verbal warning, and then he or she will be jailed for an hour. If you continue to deceive other players, you will be temporarily banned. Eventually, it may lead to being IP banned.

Please post a ban appeal here if you feel your punishment should be lifted.


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