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1 Forum Rules. on June 12th 2014, 1:45 am



Welcome to Exodus!
To ensure your visits to our forums are pleasant and simple, we ask you abide by our rules and acknowledge that we will not accept any of the following:

  • Spam
  • Harassment
  • Advertisement
  • Backseat Moderating
  • Pornographic/Explicit Content
  • Bumping

If you do happen to disobey our forum rules, you may face the consequence of:

  • Infractions
  • Temporary Suspension (Account suspension ranging from 2-6 days)
  • Indefinite Suspension (Account and IP suspension with an indefinite period)
  • Permanent Suspension (Account, IP and MAC suspension permanently)
  • Account Wipe

Detailed Description of Violations.:


We do not accept spam of any form.

There will be one warning given, for every spam posted after the warning there will be an infraction given and after a certain number of infractions is reached, he or she will be punished according to the amount of spam and what is contained


You are asked not to harass other players based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and so forth, this is a bully-free environment.
Flaming, trolling and name-calling fall under this category.

There will be one infraction given and if he or she continues harassing other members, whether it be staff or players, he or she will be punished accordingly based on the type of harassment.

Backseat Moderating

Uses may not post assertive comments to instruct other users to follow the rules of the forums on anything that is moderation-related, such as applications. If you believe a post is not following our rules, there is a report button. Staff exist for a reason.

There will be one warning. If he or she continues to backseat moderate, he or she will receive an infraction. If he or she refuses to stop backseat moderating, his or her account will be temporarily suspended.


Pretty self-explanatory really, do not advertise another MapleStory Private Server, any type of business, or any hacking website.

He or she will be given an infraction and if he or she does not stop advertising, his or her account will be indefinitely suspended.

Pornographic/Explicit Content

Users are asked not to post any pornographic or explicit content on the forums as it may be offending to other users.

There will be no warnings or infractions, the user will be suspended indefinitely.


Posting on threads that have not been active for over 30 days is considered bumping. If you would like to continue/revive the thread or topic you may do so by starting a new topic and referencing what was in the previous thread.

There will be infractions given for every time you bump a thread.


i like unicorns.

this is an outdated screenshot from before the server was released, i'm only gamemaster~
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