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Ima paste this app that I made 2 years ago for your old server and edit it a bunch, here we go:

First and Last name:

Preet Grewal


15 (16 On June 27)

Birth date:

June 27/1998




-7:00 GMT (Standard)

How long have you been with our community:

I have only been here with the community for a day now but since it is in beta version i am looking forward to contributing more time. I will be able to spend almost all day on it since I am in summer break now.

When did you register for game?

20/06/2014 (It came out today...)

When did you register for forums?


Have you had any experience as a GM?

Yes i have had experience with AxedMS and GoogleMS. In GoogleMS i was a forum mod, xat mod, and a in-game admin. I recently quit the server due to the fact that the owner was lazy and didn't contribute much time to the server. I was also a DGM at AxedMS (SXMaple Before the patch). They are currently ranked 3rd and i was having a lot of fun with them. I had left because the owner was being really selfish. He didn't put a penny into the server but used all the money for his own needs which led to me leaving. Many other DGM's had left at the time too but he just recruited more. I also owned GalaxyMS V83, till I got hacked. (I already told you what happened xD)

What is the role of an Intern?

An Intern is basically a trial version of a GM. You are being tested to see if you have what it takes to become a gamemaster. The intern plays the same roles, things like hosting events and catching hackers, but have less privileges. This is because they first have to gain the trust of the Head GM's/Owners. Interns need to really stay focused or they could get demoted very easily. It is an important role and is the base structure of a GM.

Why you should pick me

I am really good at helping others. That is my passion, helping others makes me feel good inside.
I contribute a lot of time into servers and when i become a mod i stay on the chat 24/7 and always greet the players. I like to give a warm welcome to everyone so they would stick around a bit longer and besides, i am on the chat all the time! I am a bit experienced with basic connection issues and can help the players out! I also know the basic GM commands depending on if the server uses the same ones. I am also experienced at advertising. I love to make videos because that is a hobby for me and i could use that for advertising purposes. I also have 3 big pages on facebook which i could use to help support and tell others about this server. I will contribute most of my free time to this server. I am extremely active and never let anyone down.

Why do you want to be a GM in this server?

I think this server has a lot of potential. I would like to join the staff and help players out and welcome them into this brand new server. I want to be there when this server becomes a huge success so i can be part of this amazing community. I have always wanted to help people out with situations and problems and i think this is the perfect server for me. The staff is very nice and i want to join them in their progress. This is a huge opportunity for me and i think i would make a good GM.

List some commonly used GM commands:

These commands are from previous servers i have played (not from ExodusMS)


Again, this is not from ExodusmMS

List some important GM rules:

-No banning for no reason
-No giving out items
-Cannot pull out your anger on players
-Must assist players
-Cannot treat players with disrespect
-Cannot abuse powers
-Cannot abuse @notice
-Cannot refuse players asking for help
-Cannot train players
-Cannot give away overpowered items for events

Will you follow all GM rules?

Yes, I will follow all my rules and these are some examples of how:

I will think before i do anything. Mainly before i type because that is the biggest way to affect a player. Typing negative comments can really affect other players on the server and give a bad view about the staff. Also i will think before i trade an event item. I will double check with my fellow staff members to see if the item is a good offer for the difficulty of the event. The main issue is helping players. Sometimes when the GM's are afk they don't reply to the players and the players end up leaving. Usually i am only afk when i am doing homework so i tend to leave my game on. The good part is i do my homework right beside my laptop so it is easier to check the screen every once in a while. That enables me to help players more efficiently while i am afk doing homework. No matter what way it is, i will always get the job done =D.

Will you host an event on an hourly basis for the server?

Yes of course. Since i am on all day i will host events every hour for the players so they can have fun. I will do a variety of events and keep the players satisfied. Though, I will not abuse the amount of the items i will be giving out during the events. I will keep it stable and keep the market running smoothly. An hourly basis will be super easy for me and i am looking forward to hosting them.

Will you give any items/mesos to anybody while being a GM?

NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have experienced others GM's giving me items on other servers but that completely ruins the fun. That will wreck the economy of the game and players will start leaving. I am kind but i will always obey all the rules. No Giving out items to players is my number 1. rule and will always be my number 1 rule. I wouldn't want to ruin the fun for others. The only time i would give out items is when a higher ranked GM tells me to.

How would you catch hackers?

If a player informs me of suspicious activity i will be on the scene right away. The first thing i would do is go into hide and check what type of hacking the player is doing. If the player is doing speed hack or god mode that would be extremely easy to tell. But if someone is botting that could be a different experience. Now, out of my all years of playing maple the best solution i could come up with catching botters is this:

-Ask the person if a few questions, If they dont reply to the first 5 that could possibly mean they are botting
-I would check the persons movement and see if it is repeating because usually bots are based on specific codes which they run on.
-If the person doesnt reply 5 times and the movements seem familiar, i will warp the player to another map and check if he/she is still moving the in the same motion. If he is it will be completely obvious that the person is botting and i would get permission from the owner to ban/jail the player.

How would you handle a fight between two staff members?

Fights between staffs can turn outrageous and powers can be abused. I would quickly inform the owner to do something about it but if the owner isn't online i would try to calm them down. I would ask them why they are fighting and explain that we are all one community and we shouldn't be fighting. I would try my best to settle the 2 staff members down and try to get them to shake hands and move on. I wouldn't want an unhealthy relationship between the staff members so i would try my best to make it work out. If it was really serious i wouldn't want them to expose it to the public community so i would tell them to resolve it in a private map/private chat. If they don't listen to me i would warp them (if i can) to a new map and that is where they can resolve their issues.

How would you handle a fight between two players?

A fight between 2 players is much easier to handle. I would tell them to stop or they would be in trouble. If they continue to fight i would ask both players to tell me their sides of the story, After listening to both sides i will then move on and agree on who is the one that started the main problem. Then i would scare the players a little bit and make sure they don't continue to fight. If they do continue i will suspend them for 15 minutes and they will be welcome to come back. I try my best to block all violations against the rules including fighting and swearing over maplestory. Hopefully my strategies work and if they don't i will think of a new way to resolve these problems.

Are you active on xat, forums, and game?

I am on almost 24/7 during the day, LITERALLY! Even if i am in-game i always stay on xat-chat (I play windows mode) and i check the chat after every MESSAGE SOUND. I also check the forums for new information every hour or so and see what is new and who needs help Basically i am super active because i play even while doing other things like homework =].

How long do you play each day?

I will be on whenever i wake up and if I don't go anywhere, I will usually be online. I will dedicate most of my free time to this game and support it as much as possible. I will not be afk and act like i'm there, like other GM's from other servers. I will tell others if i do need to go somewhere and i will simply log out so other players don't come to me thinking i am online.

Are you sympathetic or apathetic?

I am very sympathetic. I am compassionate and am a good listener. I follow all the rules and listen to every word other people say.

Additional information about yourself:

Skype: Gamercreep

I love to play sports and am a honor student in my school. I am  currently going into grade 11. I like to make friends who know how to respect others and aren't to boring. I love to have fun and be social on maplestory. I really like helping others, it makes me feel good inside, i am always looking for a decent conversation when i am bored. =D. I hope you guys can welcome me into the staff, i would love to be a part of it! Thanks =D.

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Did you even follow the format?

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Use format Preet...

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