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1(not)kawaii's application. Empty (not)kawaii's application. on June 20th 2014, 7:57 pm



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aye, here it is.

IGN: My in-game name is Kawaii.

Age: I'm only 14 years-old. I may be young, but I won't let my age affect my application.

Timezone: -5 UTC.

Playing hours (EST): I play mostly the whole day, but not much around 10-12AM, since I'll probably still be sleeping during that time.

Prior GM experience (optional): I've been a staff member on a few servers during my MapleStory private server experience. Most of them we're GameMaster (GM) positions, but some of them we're coder or something. I won't state the servers, unless if the owner/admin/gms/interns want me to. I just don't want to give it out because there's the possibility that players will go to that server. I don't want to risk it.

How long have you been a part of the Exodus community(In game and forums)?: I've only been a part of this awesome community for a few days from now. I've been extremely active ever since, even if I had a few days of exams back when I joined. I managed to conserve my time for the server, and my studies. I'm pretty sure that the approximate day that I joined the server was: June 17-18.

What is the role of an Intern?: For me, personally, I think the job of an Intern is kind of like a pre-stage of becoming a GameMaster. It's like, the start of your staff career, in a kind of way. It's about maintaining the community stable, helping others, and all that basic GameMaster stuff. It's just like the debut, you can say.

Why do you want to be an Intern?: I want to be an Intern on ExodusMaple because I want to support the community as much as I can. Helping is my kind of thing, and that's what I want to do. I want to start off small, and not that big so I won't have a big burden on myself. I plan to donate about 100$+, but that won't be soon since I'm not getting my allowance yet. I wish to make the community safer, and better for incoming players into the Exodus community.

How would you catch and punish hackers?: I will punish hackers by banned them, by banning their IP specifically. I will ban their IP because they won't be able to make new characters or new accounts since it'll be automatically banned. If they change their IPs, then I will find them again. This is not just me that will find them, it's the whole community itself. I will post on the forums to make sure that I'm not banning random players without a reason.

Why should we pick you?: I think that you should choose me because I'm a very activ person. I'm on for about 6-9 hours per day, and that makes me really active. Mostly online on the server than on the forums, since I'm always fun no matter what's happening in the community. I have staff traits, since I've been a staff members on several servers in the MapleStory private server realm, and on other games like Minecraft. I'm quite an experienced GameMaster. Though, there may be some commands that I forgot because; I haven't played in a while and/or I'm not used to that source. I have many other reasons why, but those are the primary reasons on why you should pick me, to be honest.

Extra Information (optional): I don't really have to say much but, I hope you enjoy reading my application. Thanks. :>


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