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1Brooke's Intern Application. Empty Brooke's Intern Application. on June 4th 2014, 5:20 pm



⋆ Name: Brooke.

⋆ IGN: Paris.

⋆ Age: Fourteen.

⋆ Time Zone: UTC +12:00, New Zealand..

Playing hours (EST): 11:45 PM (23:30) - 05:00 AM ( This is 3:45 pm - 8/9 pm my time. )

⋆ Prior GM experience (optional):I do have experience, even though it may not be the best. I have been staff, both Graphics and Intern/Game Master on both PixelStory and OreoMs. [Only admins are allowed to see this link]<- Link. (On some of the Screenshots my IGN was not visible, but it was Babe.)

⋆ What is the role of an Intern?: The role of an intern is basically the same as a Game Master, just with lesser power. They would be required to host events for players, solve any uprising problems/dramas and be warm and welcoming, good english and working well in a team situation is essentially a must.
For a more detailed description of the role of an intern, click the spoiler below.
As most should know, becoming an intern comes with powers, it also comes with with a vast range of responsibilities of which you must cater to with nothing less than the best of your abilities. This also means that you are expected to be dedicated to the one server and not to go and apply on every single server you play because you may be power hungry or just really desperate to have other powers. You should also know how to care for the players, be respectful to staff and players alike, have a very warm and welcoming aura to new players and being able to help them as well. As an Intern hosting events is also in the job description but that is not your main purpose, you should host events periodically as to suffice the players enough so that they are not persistently asking for an event after your last one. You also should be able to take care of hackers, if they do come, with the right attitude as to make civil conversation with them and hopefully stop them from hacking in the future. You should also be able to take care of and resolve any problems or dramas that may occur while you are watching over the server, and last but not least, be able to work well alongside the other staff.

⋆ Why do you want to be an Intern?: I am applying for the Intern position as I believe I have ample experience and capabilities of which any intern applicant should have when applying. My time zone also would be of benefit as I am able to be online when other staff members may not be able to be. I can also host events to entertain the players, not all the time, but enough to suffice them for a while, solve problems that may arise amongst the players and staff alike, warmly welcome and help newcomers, and make everyone feel as equal as possible. I am also well-working in team situations.

⋆ How would you catch and punish hackers?: I would use the !cheaters command to check if anyone was cheating, or if I was told by players, I would warp to the possible hacker, in hide, and take screenshots and videos of what they were doing, if they were hacking, I would then, when I believe I have sufficient proof, I would come out of hide and warn the player of their doing.

⋆  Why should we pick you?: I do not believe I should be hired above any other applicant, but my time zone, experience and knowledge of what an intern/game master should do are factors that could make me a somewhat better applicant than other, don’t get me wrong, their applications are also very good and well-written, but they don’t have a time zone like mine.

⋆ Extra information (Optional): For those of you who have not yet read my introduction. My name is Brooke and I am fifteen. Currently I reside in the quaint country of New Zealand with my younger brother, parents, my dog and my cat. You may notice that I can be random and outgoing at different points in time! I love to make friends and meet new people, so do not be afraid to say 'hi' to me if you see me as I do not bite! :**

⋆ Thank you for taking your time to read my application! If you have any questions, please private message me. ⋆


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