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Unfortunately, running the server off Hamachi is unbearably slow and problematic. Untill we get VPS, I am letting only a few people go on the server. It is too slow and causes lots of problems to my own wifi to let almost 20 people be connected to my wifi via Hamachi. With too many people connected, it slows down my internet AND my computer, making it difficult to work on the server. I also believe letting people play on the server when it is incomplete distracts me from working on it, since I'm having fun with you guys, which causes the opening date to be delayed.

Please don't misunderstand and think I'm closing the server for good. I'm still gladly opening definitely and I'm still very excited. In no way is this lag problem dissuading or preventing me from opening. Also, please understand that the lag problem will be fixed when we open to the public because we're going to have a VPS. The lag problem is not the server, it's the fact that almost 20 people are all being connected to my already slow wifi ALL at once.

As of now, there is no official opening date, but I'd like to open way before July.

Edit : Lag issue was fixed. Contact me to play, all welcome.

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