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1 Ultimate Guide to Errors on June 3rd 2014, 9:32 pm



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Welcome to the Exodus troubleshooting guide. In this thread, I will be listing every error code I've come across in almost 3 years of playing v83 servers. I will also list possible solutions.
If you do not see the error code that you are receiving, do not wait  to post a new thread here .


Your drivers are possibly out-of-date. Try to use Microsoft's guide to update your drivers. I have yet to find more than one person with this error.


Restart the game.


Uninstall and then install MapleStory v83 again.


Disable your firewall.
Restart the game.
If step 1 doesn't work set an exception in your firewall program for Exodus.exe, or uninstall it all together.
Restart your computer, then launch `Exodus.exe.
If it works with firewall disable, install a different firewall program.


Make sure you've extracted the client files into your MapleStory v83 folder.

Option 2;;

You need to disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter. Please refer to "Disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter" at the bottom of this guide.

Disconnection after PIC

1) Please refer to "Disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter" at the bottom of this guide.

Server Check or Firewall

Make sure you have disabled your firewall.
The server is either restarting or has crashed

Blackscreen Fix

Find Exodus.exe in your folder and right click it.
Click on 'Properties'.
In the menu choose 'compatibility' click on 'Settings for users' (or something like that, it should be at the bottom above the 'OK' button).
This will open a new screen on top of your properties, then find the Check box under 'Compatibility Mode'
Put the thing under it on 'Windows XP (Service pack 2)'
Run as Administrator and Press 'OK'

Account already logged in?

Wait a couple seconds before logging in again.
Go to the website.
Type in your Username/Password/ login.
Use the character fix.

Account does not exist
Go to your MapleStory v83 folder.
Check to make sure Exodus.exe and its files are extracted in there.
If Exodus's files are not in there, follow the instructions above to extract the correct files.

Stuck at Login

Restart the game,
The server might have crashed. Wait for a restart.


Right click `Exodus.exe and click on Properties.
Click on the Compatibility tab.
Check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode for:".
From the menu, select "Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3).

Last Resort Option (Steam)
Download and install Steam.
Sign up for Steam.
Launch Steam.
Click the Games menu, choose Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library.
Browse for Exodus and put a check next to the client.
Click Add Selected Programs.
Now when you're in your library, double click Exodus1.exe

Hopefully this will answer some questions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post below or pm me personally. : )-P

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This is awfully similar to this

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