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Former Staff
Former Staff
Name: Nick
IGN: Wufan
Timezone: EST
Playing hours (EST): Usually 4:00 pm to 2:00 am
Prior GM experience (optional):

I was a GM on HolidayInn
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What is the role of a GM?
There are many roles of a GM obviously. Of course to assist players when they need it, ensure players are having a good time, and having the ability to handle all types of situations in a mature fashion.

Why do you want to be a GM?
Because I know that I can be a great GM and help players to my full power. I know that this server will be fun for all when I am a GM because of my serious yet fun attitude. I always felt that I can do more as a GM than I ever can as a player. Being a player is just not enough. I listen to players and try my best to accommodate the server for them (without breaking any rules obviously).

How would you catch and punish hackers?
Using the command !cheaters, warp to the hackers location in GM hide and take a fraps video of them hacking for evidence and then proceed to use the command !ban to ban them.

Why should we pick you?
Because I believe I am qualified for this position. This server will definitely improve with me as GM. I really am enjoying this server so far and I enjoy the small community we have but, with me as GM it will soar.

Extra Information (optional):

Thank for taking the time to read my application. Good luck me.


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