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1 Event List on August 6th 2013, 4:12 pm



~ Exodus Event Library ~

In this library, you will have easy access to more information of each event hosted in Exodus. This library will give you a summary and the goal of each goal, along with the rules, map hosted in, general prize, and more. Please note: The GM hosting the event reserves the right to alter the rules or make a change that differs from the event's information on this thread.

This event will be hosted in the OX map. The object of this event is to be the last player alive. The GM will either say that the event is Team Tag, or Solo Tag. If the event is Solo Tag, then you're required to play by yourself. If the event is Team Tag, you may form a party with up to 3 (maximum) players. You may resurrect each other if one of you get tagged. Anyways, the GM will be using a skill (threaten) to "tag" players within a close range of the GM. If you're too close to the GM, you'll be tagged and die. If you have a party, your party can res you. However, resurrection has a 5 minute cooldown. The last team to win will gain 2 Event Trophies each. If it's solo tag, the last player alive will gain 2 Event Trophies.

Dodge Bomb
Dodge Bomb is a bomb event that will involve many bombs, and quite a few DC's if your internet isn't stable. hehe. Anyways, this event will be hosted at the Minigame challenge map (109020001). The game will be hosted on Platform 16. The GM will go into hide and will spontaneously spawn bombs on the entire platform 16. The bombs will launch you, and you have a high risk of getting launched off platform 16. The object is to be the last player remaining on platform 16. Once you get launched off, you're out. If you attempt to go back on platform 16, you will be killed. There are usually 8 ~ 10 rounds, awarding with 1 Event Trophy to each winner per round. Whether or not there is a winning cap depends upon the GM. 


Terrorist may be one of the most popular and demanding events at Exodus. This event is played on the O side of the OX map. A GM will go into hide and spawn bombs all around the O. Your objective is to be the last player standing on the O. The bombs will launch you off the O and if you get launched off, you're out. Trying to get back up would be just a fail because you'd be killed. There are usually 8 ~ 10 rounds, rewarding with 1 Event Trophy each round to the winner. Sounds easy right? Here's the catch. You may not stop moving around on the O. You may move in any direction, but you may not stop. You may not use ladders either. If caught stopping or using ladders, you will be warped out of the event.


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