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Junior Member
Junior Member
Name: Grace
IGN: Noona
Age: 16
Timezone: PST
Playing hours (EST): 12pm-12am unless I have an outing Embarassed 
Prior GM experience (optional): I have been GM on AspireMS

How long have you been a part of the Exodus community(In game and forums)?
In Game :  6/21/2014
Forum : today.

What is the role of an Intern?

The role of an intern is to help out players and host events, even though you need a GM to accompany you whilst hosting. Furthermore interns are supposed to have knowledge of the server to help the community out.

Why do you want to be an Intern?
I want to be an intern to host events, but also to help the community and make players feel comfortable with the server. I feel as if me being an intern would make the server ten times better, and who am I to prevent the server from improving?

How would you catch and punish hackers?
To make this short and simple; I would first go in hide to watch over the player who is hacking, then proceed to take screenshots/a video of them doing so. Then ban them, if they post on forums asking "Why did I get banned?" I would post the evidence and close the thread.

Why should we pick you?
I am a super great person and have great skills to be GM. And when you do pick me you would be able to see your server improving right before your eyes! Also I could be serious when needed yet friendly to players.

Extra Information:
shoutout 2 spooky n honey bun n my niggas wolf and ghetto 4 support and most of all my lov!! i made this short n simple 4 u rob so!!

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Former Staff
Former Staff
ayyy i got a s/o you got my vote


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Former Staff
YOOOO Cutie Pie! You are very qualified for an intern position, and its a yes from me!

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