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The Fourth of July.
[EVENT] Fourth of July. Tumblr_inline_mfex4tPkMI1ru7d0i
To celebrate the Fourth of July or more commonly known as Independence Day, we put together a two week event which will run from Saturday 28 June through to Tuesday 8 July! During this event, you will be helping our friend, Little Suzy, collect items needed to make her special fireworks that will be used on the Fourth of July!
How can I participate in this event?
[EVENT] Fourth of July. Tumblr_inline_mfex4tPkMI1ru7d0i
To participate in this event you will need to find the following items, in bulk.
[EVENT] Fourth of July. 2Q==- 3000 Party Firecrackers, to use a base for the fireworks.
[EVENT] Fourth of July. 04031051- 3000 Fairy Dust, used to make the pretty colours that come out of the firecracker when lit.
[EVENT] Fourth of July. 5118122be8- 3000 Unrelenting Flames, to light the ignition device.-
[EVENT] Fourth of July. Aeebee889f- 3000 Ignition Devices, to light the firecrackers.
[EVENT] Fourth of July. 69b5de472d3000 Fire Extinguishers, to douse flames if a mishap occurs.
What are the rewards?
[EVENT] Fourth of July. Tumblr_inline_mfex4tPkMI1ru7d0i
The rewards that you can get from helping Little Suzy are a MSI Independence Day Hat, with 1000 Weapon Attack and 1000 Magic Attack and a special mount with saddle that's universal!  

Where do I get these items from?
[EVENT] Fourth of July. Tumblr_inline_mfex4tPkMI1ru7d0i
You can get these items from killing any mob found in Exodus! These items are dropped pretty often!

If you have any questions relating to this event, please don't be afraid to ask in XAT or in game.


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[EVENT] Fourth of July. 2a7e6uq
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